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This is a flammable, colorless gas with an odor that is very similar to garlic. It is stored in dissolved acetone and can decompose spontaneously if pressure exceeds 15 PSIG. Acetylene is a compressed gas and is stored in a liquid state. When the valve is opened and pressure is released a portion of the liquid turns to gas. Because acetylene is stored as a liquid, the cylinder will only work properly if the tank is used in the upright position. Using, or storing, the tank in any other position can be extremely dangerous, according to the U.S. Department of Labor General Industry Digest, 1994. The gas is made by the process of mixing Calcium Carbide and water which produces Calcium Hydroxide, also known as Slaked Lime, and Acetylene. One of the most common uses of Acetylene is as the fuel component in oxy-acetylene metal cutting.



Cubic FeetWidthHeightWeight
MC10 cf4"15"8 lbs
B40 cf6"23"25 lbs
7575 cf7"31"43 lbs
Medium130 cf8"40"70 lbs
Large300 cf12"40"145 lbs



About 20% of Acetylene is supplied by our industry for the purpose of cutting and oxyacetylene gas welding. This is because Acetylene provides the highest temperature flame of most commercial gases.


The EPA uses high grade Acetylene, also known as AA grade Acetylene, in order to run research projects on pollution and contamination. AA grade Acetylene has a purity level of 99.6% and is most commonly used in atomic absorption spectrophotometers.


Due to Acetylene's immensely flammable properties, it is extremely important to know how to use, handle, and store the gas. Please view the SDS (Safety Data Sheet) here in order to learn more.